How do we create results

Being your lead institute, we offer you a one-point-of-contact and we will manage your project from beginning to end. We emphasize the importance of dialogue and face-to-face meetings especially in the initial phases. We believe this is time well spent and the most cost saving approach in the end. A project carried out by AIM Create is a process during which we constantly align with the objectives of the analysis. We establish the frames at the beginning of every project, but maintain our critical sense throughout its course and will adjust method and set-up based on the results of every constituent part. Below, we have listed three main elements that we see as decisive in order to ensure actionable recommendations. Based on these we will be able to constitute an action plan to create results and success for your company.

Identification of needs

Every project at AIM Create begins with a thorough identification of your needs, challenges and goals. What decisions need to be made? What do you know already? How do you plan to implement results?

Gathering and analyzing data

In every project, solid and reliable data is essential for our recommendations. A basic element in our analytical approach is identifying the right questions to ask – only then, we get the answers you need.

Insights and implementation

Our reporting has one objective: To take you to the next level! We level our focus on actions and at what it takes for your company to succeed